About Us

Creating a transparent ecosystem for small and marginal farmers to assist them in purchasing the best farm mechanization products

Meratractor.com is one stop solution that brings farmers, dealers, agents on a common platform to transact in the most transparent, trustworthy & hassle freeway. With a Network consisting of Brick and Mortar Dealerships, an online platform and a dedicated Team of Experts, we are the only Phy-gital Marketplace catering to Farm Mechanization Products.

About Meratractor


To develop a sustainable and accessible ecosystem for farmers to handpick the best Farm Mechanization Products.

Farm Mechanization Products are the costliest movable asset investment done by a farmer. Up to 85% of Indian farmers have landholdings of five acres or lesser. It is not viable for them to buy new Farm Mechanization Products. Hence they end up buying Farm Mechanization Products, often in a relatively poor condition for a high price, as the brokers making the sales deal, take huge commissions.

Thus we have taken the onus to generate the most transparent ecosystem for small and marginal farmers to purchase farm mechanization products and to guide, assist them on their financial decisions as well as to fulfil their financial needs.


To create the largest farm mechanization ecosystem for Small and Marginal Farmers.

Dedicated towards empowering farmers, we have envisaged the use of Technology in a market which is otherwise unorganized to ensure that each farmer is connected to our ecosystem. We encourage them to become a part of our network and later assist other farmers by creating a chain of trust.