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TAFE to unveil All New MF Smart Series of Tractors

ETAuto | 11 April 2016, 4:34 PM IST

One of the major tractor manufacturer TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment) is going to unveil its all new Massey Ferguson (MF) 'SMART' series of tractors. TAFE's (Tractors and Farm Equipment) new MF 'SMART' series comes with a new range of transmission options & falls under the 30 to 60 hp tractor segment. 

Some of the highlights of this range include 12 speed Rototrac, 16 speed Supershuttle & 16 speed Comfimesh. These tractors come equipped with a superior HAVTM Dual clutch suitable for wide heavy duty applications like loader, dozer and for haulage & harvesting. 

The eSMART HYDRAULIC STM uses precision electro-hydraulics to deliver enhanced yield, output and operating cost, claims the company. 

The new SMART range is equipped with both, Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) variants across the range with G4-4WD & T5-2WD, axle options.

The series also includes tractors with a choice of manual and power steering with the Tonner axle that offers a superior wheelbase for increased traction & stability.

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