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Escorts launches 13 new tractors in 12HP to 110HP range

By Lijee Philip, ET Bureau | Updated: Jul 05, 2016, 03.06 PM IST 


MUMBAI: Escorts, one of India's leading tractor manufacturers, today unveiled their global ambitions with launch of 13 new tractors in 12HP to 110HP range under flagship brands Farmtrac, Powertrac, and Euroline series to cater specifically to the world market. This heralds the foray of the engineering conglomerate in newer and extreme horse power range of 12HP to 110HP to address global competition in overseas markets by designing, developing and making in India. 

Escorts also announced a new strategic approach of 'Global Transformation Vision 2020' to strengthen its market share across the continents. Thirty Seven partners of Escorts from all across the world came together to affirm their association with Escorts The company had recently carved out a separate International Business division to cater specifically to requirements of global customers.

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